Bridesmaid dress patterns – how to find perfect bridesmaid dress patterns


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From the time you were a little girl, you have dreamed of having the perfect wedding but you probably didn’t dream of the number of decisions you have to make in order to get the perfect wedding, everything from which bridesmaid dress patterns to use to the flower colors. While the first, and most important, part of that perfect wedding is selecting the wedding dress, the second decision, which follows closely on the heels of the first, is selecting the dresses for your bridesmaids. The perfect bridesmaid’s dress will allow you to set the atmosphere for your wedding that you want.

Bridesmaid dress

Bridesmaid dress


Tips for choosing dresses for the bridesmaids

Here are some tips to make finding bridesmaid dress patterns easier.

1. Choose a style of bridesmaid’s dress that complements your wedding dress

If you have decided to wear a simple, yet elegant, wedding dress without a train, it probably would not create the atmosphere you are seeking if you asked your bridesmaids to wear dresses that rival Scarlett O’Hara’s wardrobe in Gone With the Wind.

2. Consider solutions beyond “off the rack” dresses

While it is nearly impossible to find an “off the rack” bridesmaid dress that will work well for every member of the wedding party – after all, bridesmaids, like the rest of us, come in all different shapes and sizes – selecting a simple sewing pattern for your bridesmaid’s dresses allows the differences between body shapes and sizes to be taken into account. By varying the fabric used, the trim or other decoration accents placed on the dress, length and other such items, even the simplest pattern can become the unique bridesmaid dress you’ve always dreamed of having at your wedding.

3. Take time early to look through the various sources of sewing patterns

The Internet is a wonderful place to look for sewing patterns, with the added benefit of your being able to do so without ever leaving your house. Another wonderful source for ideas are magazines, especially bridal magazines, which will provide you with examples of bridesmaid dresses in all shapes, colors and sizes.

4. Consider sewing the dress yourself for your bridesmaids

What more perfect gift of love for your bridesmaids on that special day could you give them than dresses sewn by you for them? Not only will it be a labor of love, but the cost savings could be considerable. A word of caution here, though: If you do NOT know how to sew, this will not be the time to learn. Only consider sewing the dresses yourself if you are an experienced sewer.

5. Consider hiring a local seamstress

If you don’t know how to sew, or simply won’t have the time, consider hiring a local seamstress to sew the dresses for you. A seamstress will provide you with a perfect fit for each bridesmaid, as well as valuable advice on the type of fabric and colors you and your bridesmaids will select.

6. Consult with your bridesmaids early and often

You should allow your bridesmaids to have a great deal of input into the decision of what type of dress they will wear. While each
bridesmaid will have her own individual preferences, together you and your bridesmaids can enjoy spending time with each other while coming up with a consensus of what the perfect dress should look like.

7. Always be cost-conscious, or willing to bear the extra cost

Being selected as a bridesmaid is an honor, and most women accept the fact that part of that honor includes paying for their dress up to a reasonable amount. However, if you intend to go with a designer dress costing hundreds or thousands of dollars, be fair to your bridesmaids and plan on helping them bear the cost.

8. Try to select a dress that can be worn for other occasions as well

When you and your bridesmaids are selecting a dress, think about whether there are other occasions on which the dress could be used. An elegant floor length sheath with cap sleeves, for example, would not only make a beautiful bridesmaid dress, but could be used by the bridesmaid at other formal occasions as well.

9. Remember to have fun

While all of the above tips make it sound like this process is very stressful, it can be one of the best parts of planning your wedding – after all, looking at pretty dresses with your friends while preparing for one of the happiest days of your life has to have a little pleasure with it!

Just a little forethought and careful planning can take the stress out of selecting the perfect bridesmaid’s dress pattern and instead make that part of planning your wedding fun. Use these tips to help you, and above all, have a happy wedding!